Caring for Your Laminate Flooring

Maintenance of your New Floor

Your new laminate floor is very hard wearing, scratches can typically occur from grit and stones being brought in from outside on the bottom of peoples shoes. Using a mat at the front and back door can help to minimise this.

Clean your floor when necessary with a damp cloth, don’t pour cleaning liquids directly onto the laminate. Never use abrasive products on the laminate.

Scratch and Chip Repairs of Laminate Flooring

No doubt at some point the odd scratch will appear here and there over time, despite your best efforts to keep the floor looking good. There are a number of scratch repair kits available and it’s probably a good idea to buy one and keep it safe when you buy the laminate.

If you do decide to repair any scratches, then you have the right kit ready to match the colouring on the floor.