Caring For Your Carpet

Caring for Your Carpet


Vacuum at least weekly in rooms you use most often to prevent dirt and grit from matting the fibres. Vacuum new carpets several times after fitting to remove loose fibres that have worked their way to the surface. Wait a period of time after fitting before vacuuming to allow the carpet to settle.

Make sure carpet treatments and stain removers are Woolsafe approved, which means that theyโ€™re suitable and effective for wool-rich carpets.

Deal with stains straightaway. Soak liquids with a clean, dry, white absorbent cloth, tissue or piece of kitchen roll. We can help with stains; Contact us prior to trying at home stain removal methods.

Give carpets the occasional deep clean using a professional company such as ourselves. We use a 100% dry carpet cleaning system meaning you can walk on your carpets minutes after having them cleaned.

Cover Up

Use doormats to prevent wear by doors. These can be made from your own carpet; ask us if you would like this service. Use furniture coasters to prevent marks from furniture.


Snip snags or pulls with a pair of scissors rather than pulling them out.